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Our 5 play yards are designed with specific age groups and developmental abilities in mind.  


The Pre-K yard has climbing structures, a slide, age-appropriate climbing walls, a basketball hoop, tricycle track, sandbox, swing set and lots of large building blocks for building life sized structures. There is a shaded picnic area with table top activities.


The Lower School "Big" yard also offers several climbing structures, a swing set, sandboxes, water tables, plus sunshades for those warmer months.

Our Tricycle Track is a dedicated area for using tricycles, kicking balls on the grass and playing under a shaded area.


Finally, the infants and toddlers have two smaller play yards with structures and activities more appropriate (safer) for our littlest students.

We have two organic garden areas which are used throughout the year by the students.


Gardening is integrated with the classroom curriculum.


Students have the opportunity to learn about the cycle of life, plant seedlings and grow (and eat!) their own flowers, spices and vegetables.


classrooms & play yards


4 Play Yards

2 Organic Gardens

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