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creativity without boundaries
learn through exploration & play




Children learn letters and numbers in the context of their everyday experiences and environment. Critical skills are learned through the natural world (plants & animals) and everyday activities (e.g., gardening, snack time, lining up, outdoor play, art). We believe that children should be given opportunities to be curious, aware of the larger world around them, develop appreciation for art, music, science, language, numbers and other cultures.

Children are encouraged and inspired to create their own artwork, think outside of the box and be imaginative in their use of the various materials around them (e.g., touch tables filled with rice and other stimulating texture items, blocks, art materials, fabrics, paint, books, etc.). We discourage the use of “cookie-cutter” projects and worksheets.

personalized approach

Recognizing that each child is an individual, with their own personality and needs, our goal is to foster those individual needs and assist in the child’s educational and emotional development.

books & more books

Children are read to at various times throughout each day. They are encouraged to read on their own as well, an important developmental skill to prepare them for kindergarten.


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