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programs & curriculum

Our mission is to offer an environment which encourages intellectual, social and physical development, while providing children a safe and supportive environment in which to learn, discover and grow.


Our goal is to nurture students' natural love of learning (through art, constructive play, exploration, music, outdoor play), and encourage them to be confident, responsible and kind individuals.


Our programs are designed not only to prepare children for kindergarten, but also for how to navigate life.

Intellectual: Curriculums are age-specific and designed to foster a love of learning that children can use as they transition to kindergarten and beyond. Our goal is to create and solidify the important building blocks (alphabet, numbers, shapes, writing, etc.) necessary to succeed in school.


Social: A primary focus is on teaching/reinforcing basic and important social skills, such astaking turns, sharing, learning to cooperate in a group setting, expressing empathy and being a good friend (among many others). We support children’s emotional development with activities that build confidence in their growing abilities, promoting self-esteem and independence.


Physical: Children are encouraged to be children! For gross motor skill development, we offer an array of well-designed, age-appropriate and safe play structures  and equipment. To aid in fine motor skill development, we provide manipulatives, sensory tables and other classroom tools and activities.


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